Friday, November 30, 2012

Wipocalypse November finishes

I am still hoping to get back to my hand stitching but other things keep moving to the front of the queue.
Below are 11 laundry bags that have been made and sent for aussie hero quilts

This is a commission wedding quilt

Knitted baby blanket for Hamlin Fistula hospital
I had some cotton yarn left over from some baby knitting and didn't want to squirrel it away so knitted it up into dish cloths and wash cloths.

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  1. Lovely charity work Pam. The laundry bags look great all in a line. I plan to use up my wool scraps on crochet from now on. I made things like baby shoes with the tiny amounts I had a while back, so I only have recent wool to use up.

    Lovely wedding quilt. I'm sure it will be an heirloom for that new family.