Monday, January 23, 2012

WIPocalypse January

I signed up for a SAL at and we link to our progress each month after the full moon. These are my initial projects.
The small one at the start I hope to finish by the next posting and I will then replace it with another small project or one that is near completion.
The next two I would like to make progress on but am not really expecting finishes as they are big.
small  family cross stitch

This one is done in gobelin stitch on hardanger cloth.
This is what the finished design is
I have finished this one previously and it is the best thing I have done
Gobelin stitch is a little challenging to get your head around at the start and produces a different finish, more like woven tapestry.
The Duchess above has the background in Gobelin stitch and her face in petit-point

This design is a carpet border. Although it is printed on the canvas I am working it off the accompanying chart.
It can also be a bellpull.
I picked up three of these at a thrift shop for an amazing price, all unopened.
I have several of her books so will make four blocks for the centre.
Looking forward to posting progress next month

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

First finish for January

I call these my ugly socks, the colourway became less enticing as I knit them, as did the pattern. But they finally got finished and I will certainly be wearing them this winter
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