Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Next challenge

This is my next project for One monthly goal for February. 
The photo above is the pattern. 
The photo below is the muddled state i am in at the moment. 
It should be an interesting month. 

January finish

I finished the quilt that i had planned for the monthly goal challenge. 
It is flannel with felted wool applique.
My next challenge is to figure out deadline postings as i missed this one.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

2019 finishalong

I am participating in the 2019 finishalong

These are the projects I am nominating to finish in the first quarter. 

1. Tulip quilt. 
This needs to be quilted, bound and labeled. 

2. Summer Lily.
The cutting is done as well as the strip piecing. 
I have begun cutting the sub units.
I would like the quilt finished by March 7th.

3. Christmas ornaments.
I am doing the 12 days of Christmas set of ornaments by mmmcrafts.
Well, 5 sets actually. 
I am doing the preparation work for all the sets at the one time and plan to have the partridge, pear, turtle dove and French hen finished by the end of March.

4. Postcards from Alaska.
The top is basted and needs to be quilted, bound and labeled. 

5. Knitted Indigenous baby beanies.
These are part of a commitment to make 80 beanies a year for 5 years to support a particular program. 
I did 80 the first year.
I need another 20 this quarter. 
I have done 6 so far.

6. Knitted scarf. 
I knit and crochet what i can for Kogo, an amazing organisation. 
I hope to finish at least one scarf in the first quarter. 

7. Crochet blanket.
Another project for Kogo, this time a crochet blanket .
This is the Sweet pea blanket from Attic 24.
I plan to finish this by the end of March .

8. Blue and white quilt. 
This needs to be quilted,  bound and labeled. 

9. Autumn quilt.
This needs to be quilted,  bound and labeled. 

10. Joannes quilt.

This needs to be quilted,  bound and labeled. 

I look forward to reviewing my progress in 12 weeks time.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

One Monthly Goal

I have decided to participate in Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal
I would usually set my goal as something outrageous like " baste and quilt 8 quilts "

This month i am going to try something more sensible. 
To quilt and bind my Tulip quilt.
I may even surprise myself. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Planning for 2019

2019 Planning Party

Here is my list for 2019.
I need to plan a timeline.
I will see how many photos there are to upload of finished projects and how many blogposts that will be.
I also need to update my number of finished projects. 

For my quilting list, i have all the backings selected,  the battings cut and the bindings made.
One top is basted and i will start basting the others today.
I have a timeline of 3 weeks before i switch to the Jinny Beyer quilt. 
I want that one finished by March 10th.

I am participating in a link up hosted by Quiltingjetgirl

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Quilt #4

This flannel quilt was a kitand got stalled by the checkerboard border.
I somehow thought that i didn't have enough fabric without having to piece some squares .
Eventually I figured out that mistake, pieced the borders and found that they didn't fit, too long.
I couldn't just leave them as the next piced borders wouldnt fit. I tried again and this time they were too small.
I pulled them apart and checked the measurement after each seam. The problem was a combination of the flannel having a tendency to stretch and the 1/4 inch walking foot not being a 1/4 of an inch.
It all worked in the end and i was pleased with the result .

Quilt #3

This quilt was a kit from The Rushin Tailor in Skagway in Alaska. 
I free motion quilted leaves in the border.

The rest of the quilting was done with the walking foot.

This is the finished quilt,  twin sized.