Friday, February 6, 2015

Wipocalypse February update

I have a new project  to add to the SAL.
Is is the angel of spring, a lavender  and  lace  design. 

I have not made any progress on my  cushion but I have on  my tablecloth, it just doesn't  really  show on a photo. 

To this month's question 
How do you overcome  that  feeling that  you're  in a  rut with a  particular  project. 

Like many others I put the project aside, but try to work out the reason for the rut, to see if there is a work around the problem.

Happy stitching  until next month


  1. You've made a good start to your Angel. I love the colours on the Spring Angel, they are so pretty.

  2. I haven't seen anyone stitching L&L in years. Yours is looking beautiful!

    1. I have finished several of her angels and the family loves them. They are such a delight to stitch (almost no back stitching).
      She has been languishing for far too long!

  3. Lovely! This is a great addition.