Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January, full of enthusiasm

A New Year is a wonderful and Joyous time, just full of possibilities.

Actually each day is the start of a New Year, where we can start afresh.

I usually approach January with enthusiasm and full of vim and with that in mind I have a few finishes to document.

Finish #1

A Feltwork Baby Stocking

For our first grandchild, due to be born in June.

Finish #2

Needlepoint Iris Cushion

Languished in the cupboard for a long time before finally being made up.

Finish # 3

Needlepoint Pansy Cushion

For details see #2

Finish # 4

Cross stitch ornament.

This is of Edinburgh Castle, bought as a souvenir during our trip last year

Finish # 5

Tinsel ornament

15 Tinsel and bead trees

Finish #6

Beaded Ornament

5 Beaded Wreaths

1 comment:

  1. You did just fine Pam, posting your pictures. Your needle work is lovely, I wish I had the patience to do this kind of stitching. I have a long stitch tapestry in the works for about 15 years or more.. Maybe I should pull it out and get it finished.. >G< one day ;) Elly